Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Character List

RealPuki Family: -3

Minu -Fairyland RealPuki Tyni ('the Patriarch')
Attea - Fairyland RealPuki Soso (Minu's wife)
Nelya - DreamHighStudio Squee Piko, Nelya's toddler girl

Their names, in elven speak, basically mean 'first', 'second', 'third'.

PukiPuki Famly: -3

Agnes - Fairyland PukiPuki Pipi
Janusz - Fairyland PukiPuki Piki (Agnes's hubby)
Maria - Fairyland PukiPuki Mary (Agnes's sister)

Nefer Kane group: -2

Nefer Kane Aleah (gymnast)
Nefer Kane Maheya (Aleah's sister and partner in act)

Mixed group #1: -6

Gaby - Nympheas Dolls Nympheline
Laurie - Dollzone Bunny (Gaby's girlfriend)
Sarah - Lati Yellow Basic Lami (their au-pair)
Button - Dollfactory Kiki (their foster child)
Muse - CharmCity Verse Philia (Gaby's daughter)
Alice - Luts Tiny Delf Alice (Sarah's best friend from language class)

Their other child that Sarah is watching is a non-BJD clay baby Phoebe, biological to Laurie

Mixed group #2: -6

Aire - Raspberry by Asella (steampunk witch)
Addie - Bo Bergemann Addie (Aire's toddler daughter)
Sophia - Bo Bergemann Sophia (gypsy astrologer, Aire's business partner)
Lani - Bo bergemann Sugar Baby Leiani (Sophia's baby)
Emma-Rose - Leekeworld Mikhaila (Aire's human maid)
Flickr - Flicker the Dragon by Mushroom Peddler (Aire's magic pet)

Mixed group #3: -6

Moina - Soom Dolomi (dragon girl, guardian spirit of the forest)
Theodore - Nikkibritt Studio Feenix, faun, Moina's closest friend of all forest creatures
Donovan - Mushroom Peddler's Shelly the Turtle, forest spirit of the water
Pierre - Mushroom Peddler's Floppy the Lop, forest spirit on the plants
Uhu - Mushroom Peddler's Hoot the Owl, forest spirit of all living beings
Andrea - Judy Porter's Maddie, autistic 7 y.o., the only one to see Moina's gang; Moina's friend

Mixed group #4: -3 (4)

Hillary - Doll Chateau Hillary (а young teenager that grew up in a circus)
Cheddar - Pipos Cheese Mouse (her sentient mouse friend, possibly imaginary)
Cricket - ApoDoll Bonnie - ornery spirit in Hilary's consciousness
^Critter - star of Hilary's sideshow, trained hamster

Mixed group #5: -3 (4)

^Malvina - Goodreau ABC (Carabass's runaway puppet)
Four-leaf Clover - Mushroom Peddler's Willow (spirit of the meadow)
^Maja - Buzz the Bee by Mushroom Peddler (Clover's pet)
Foggy Dew - Mushroom Peddler's Ivy (spirit of the swamp) **
^Basö - Slimy the Snail by Mushroom Peddler (Dew's pet) **
Penelope - Nefer Kane Nexeven (spirit of the sea) **

Mixed group #6: -3

Ichiro Wakahisa - Elfdoll Mir (retired yakuza assassin)
Amondi - Iplehouse B.I.D. Erzulie (Ichiro's 4 y.o. adopted daughter)
LeGush - Mushroom Peddler's Ribbit the Frog (Amondi's pet frog) **

Mixed group #7: -3

Wynona - BJTales Mouse (tender and artistic young lady living in her own French cottage)
Katie- Irry's Manuna the Mouse (Wynona's maid) **
Gerard - Soom MD Toad Prince (Katie's fiancé) **

Stand-alone characters: -2

Tink - Kim Lasher's Elphie (tooth fairy) **
Patrick - DreamHighStudio Mica (baby rhino)

40 /excluding vinyl ABC and 3 pets
10 groups + 2 stand-alons

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