Thursday, August 22, 2013

Too behind - but looking ahead

I am so hopelessly behind on blogging - it's not even funny. And seeing that I go back to work in little more than week, I don't even see myself catching up... Which is ironic as I've been quite good at taking pictures, so now I'm under piles and piles of quality photos that need to be uploaded, posted, blogged... Ugh. Well, I guess it's better than no pictures at all - seeing that my primary joy of BJD play comes from picture-taking ;)

Anyway, since catching up is kind of a useless dream here, I want to share with y'all what I'm looking forward to - maybe - owning one day, some new discoveries that captured my heart, and new artists - or at least new to me.

First of all, Triffony. She is an amazing Russian BJD maker, her primary medium is porcelain, but recently she has sent off this beauty:

Sphinx cat (Flickr)

to be casted and now I can hope to maybe own her doll one day. Although it's not my favorite mold by her. My favorite is this sweet little creature:

Морошка на Ярмарке Мастеров

She has many sisters-"berries" and I love them all. Would love to welcome one of them home... But they are all cast in porcelain only, for now. Maybe one day?..

Then, I discovered Dust of Dolls. I knew about them for a very long time... Much longer than even Trifonova, whom I've been following for about half a year now. I hadn't allowed myself to really pay attention to their dolls - for financial and personal reasons - but now I have. In fact, on my way to LDoll, I'm setting up schemes to get one of their dolls - if I cannot get my main grail...

They have recently released some new dolls and I really love them. The first one especially... But they are all great. Click through to their blog, you can see more pictures of each and posts about them - here, I'm just giving a few teasers ;)

Chubby Zouh Spün

Cham Näbi

Miki Spün and Miki Nöxe

And aforementioned grail would be, of course, an Okaeri by Tarte au Citron. She is hard at work creating some for LDoll, in fact she recently posted a couple of them casted from a new mold:

Okaeri V2

Under the cut, I'll just post really quick a few pictures from my art-doll wishlist.. Just click on them if you're interested, they all mostly come from the artists' Flickr streams:

Witch Porcelain doll BJD OOAK dolls Fantasy doll


Mimi by Enid-Art


Teryp, the beautiful dragon-girl


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