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Humpty Dumpty's penfriend

A little while ago, I met a new friend. Not to disclose her identity, I will just say what matters for this post: like me, she likes role playing with her dolls and we started doing that by letting our Humpty Dumpty (by Nefer Kane) dolls correspond, even while hers is still in production. I am very happy to do this, even though at times I feel like I'm too busy for play. It has been a wonderful experience: a bit of a writing exercise, a bit of a game, and mostly - a huge help to bond with this particular doll and through it, all of my dolls in general. Thank you, my dear friend.
And now, below the cut, the first batch of the Humpty Letters. Hers are bonded, mine are italicized. Enjoy and - there will be the next batch when we hit #15 or so.

So a Humpty girl said..

Just writing with feather from inside The Farm. I call it The Farm, because it is there eggs come from. But it is no hens or chickens here. I am made by a strong woman called Nefer. She is having a cirkus of dolls here. But I am a small and special one, with a big head, just like an egg. Be carefull with me, so I dont break. You never (dont even Nefer) know whats inside! That it what I will tell my new family: They have to be carefully so I don´t break. I moove to them when Nefer has hatched med out.
I hope they are going to be friends. I am going to live with a sick woman at hospital, till she is feeling bether. Maybe she never does, but I will put a smile on her face. And I know she never will drop me to the floor, cause her grandfather gave her a box with the poem of the egg Humpty written on when she was a kid. She still remember it, like she was five years old yesterday. She is 29, in fackt. She needs to larn me how too count, so I can celebrate all my birthdays.
It is cold in Norway, there I am going to live, so maybe I will ask my woman to knit me an egg warmer. Yeah, that would be cool. And not cold. Just hot. I am going to be hot!
I am a little bit scared for her other dolls. I know she have a boy named Oscar. He is 72 cm long. I take a long shot and hope for the best, for that is really tall! Hope he don´t ever tramp on me with hes long feet. But I know he is skinny, so I don´t think I break. maybe I can be a support for him to, like egg to breakfast. Does he like bacon?
I have to be carefull when I climb on him, cause it is so long way down. And maybe my egg head breaks if I fall. But, maybe not too, cause Nefer make my mind strong. This is mindfullness, I can tell you! I have a body too, you know. With hands so I can hold in the other dolls hands. And with my feet, I can dance. I dont have wings, but chickens are not very good at flying either, so it dos not mather. Even I want to fly to the sky. Tell me, do you like blue?

It is so pleasant to hear from a young egg at the Farm! Of course I remember the Farm like yesterday! The humans, they call it the Factory, saying we are all made the same by the machines. But I remember the Farm being a warm, safe place - a perfect one for a young egg to hatch. Have you heard the Myth? They say we are all made in the likeness of the First Egg, the one hatched by Nefer herself in her very own home, and we don't have a soul at first - not until a human paints us a face and gives us one. Well, I don't quite buy it. I remember things since before I had a face... And look at you! You definitely have a soul - so vibrant and young and full of hope! You know nothing of this world yet, but you already love your human and your future resin family. I like that about you...
I was myself once like that. These days, this old egg just wants some peace. Let me tell you my story...
When I was hatched, I was the lucky one. When we all got to Nefer's house from the Farm, she chose me to stay with her! She did not paint me first, because she was very very busy sending other eggs to their humans. For many days, I watched my friends I grew up with travel off to their new adventures. Then, almost everyone was gone. I thought I was in my forever home, proud to be chosen by Nefer herself.
Then, a terrible thing happened to one of us. When that egg arrived to the new owner, he became very angry. I shall call him the Angry Man. He paid for his egg to be painted, but he got a blank one - by mistake. Mistakes happen to humans, you will notice that, but Angry Man was intolerant: he did not want the money difference or anything like that, he wanted his colored egg. So he sent his egg back, and Nefer, feeling bad for the mistake and not wanting the Angry Man to wait for too long, took me, her very own Humpty, painted me and sent me off to him!
I was terrified, to go to such a person, who did not even have a little bit of soul to share with his own egg! The journey was long, all the way to the States, and when I arrived, I did not make the Angry Man happy. I only made him more angry. I should have known that nothing can please him. He did not like how Nefer painted me, and sold me very soon. It is a miracle he did not break me, but my heart sure broke from his rejection.
I was sold one more time after that, but I will tell you that story in my next letter. My eyes are getting heavy, it's time for a nap... I'm very happy in my new home, it's quiet, I take a lot of naps. My human does what I ask but doesn't bother me too much, I like that. A perfect peaceful place for an old egg like me. I live on a shelf with lots of fantastic creatures and Nefer's dolls only. The creatures are not really alive, they only wake up once in a while, other times we use them as pillows. The dolls I live with are Aleah, Maheya and Iracebeth. You might meet some of their kinds when you are at Nefer's. There is also tiny Suzy somewhere, but she runs with the group of teeny tiny dolls like herself and rarely visits. I hear there will be one named Nexeven soon. I must tell you one day about them all...
I asked my human to take a picture of my home, but she said it was too dark today to take pictures. It snowed all day and there was no sun. I'm glad for it, no sun means an old egg like me doesn't get yellow quite as fast. You must avoid the sun yourself, and be sure you get that egg warmer. And no talking of flying, you hear me? We eggs, we only fly down. And then we break.
Ah, don't let my rambling dampen your spirit though. Maybe you will be the first one to fly up to the blue sky. I like blue, very much. I remember seeing a lot of blue ocean when we traveled from the Farm to Nefer's home. Do keep in touch, young one. I have more stories to tell. Enjoy the Farm: once you leave, it's a big world out there, with a lot of traveling, but you will see Nefer and she is kind and beautiful. When you see her, tell her I am very happy here, but I still wish I stayed with her as she originally planned.

Oh, Holy Dolly, I think I blush! Can eggs blush?
It seems like you know everything (so I can ask), and even you alrady know, you use your time reading my letter (amazing!) - and you also says you are pleasant! Holy dolly, wanna hug you!
Can eggs hugs? Or wil we break? I don´t think we breaks of hugs, because hugs are kind. The woman I are going to live with, had a kind grandfather giving her the little metal box with our poem on,and I know she
Oh, my head is going on tivoli because I am thinking so much. Nefer tells me I should stay here at the Cirkus Kane a little longer before I go to tivoli, so I don´t get sick. But it is so difficult too consentrate on just growing up and having the right face for my mum. Cause I am already feeling so many things and cant just stay at one place at time.
I was thinking about something. Is it because you are an old man you dont have hair on your egghead? Or does we never get it? Oh, sorry for my stupid,young questions.
I got so scared that I went in to my head, I mean my eggshell, when I read about the Angry Man! I am glad you are safe and not break. And okey, I can stop talking about flying for a while. (I still dreams abut it but I won´t tell. Oh, sometimes I have all this nightmares so I can´t sleep when I wake up and sometimes the nightmares feel so real that Nefer how to tell me about real dolls, like Iresabeth and friends. It also a company thats named Fabric and friends or something, that are only dolls. When she says all these things, I stop shaking.)
I know something about your home already before you show me the picture. It is a turtledoll there! He has a shellto. So if you get scared, maybe the turtle can protect you? If old eggsever get scared?
Nefer have told me something exciting about my woman in Norway too. She has two african dolls! Or, they are rally dark in the skin, like africans. Real africans. I hope they will learn me some african words, not just english. But dolls can every lunguage, I think. You live in german, but you understand my letter. It is almost like it is a love letter with big hearts. But it is only a doll letter.
Soon Nefer is going to make me a face. I dont know about I should smile or look angry. I think I am going to just look confused like an scared chicken (no, I dont said anything about flying away. I will stay, a little more, on earth. Maybe because of you, and maybe because of Nefer and maybe because of I hope, really hope, the woman in Norway grown up, like the doctor told her too. Or, maby it was all wrong. I know she would hug me now, so I bether let Nefer paint. Hurry up Nefer! I have a plan I must be on in time!)
And as I sad that, I was going to write my name. But Holy Dolly, I don´t have a name yet. What is yours?

I would love to hug you, dear sweet egg. It's been a while since I saw any others like me. It's so nice to talk to you, as I mostly keep to my own here. I talk to the human, but the other dolls are kind of bored with me. Maybe they have heard my stories too many times :) But now I have you to talk to, and it seems you are not bored with me yet - what else is an old egg to wish for?!
It's ok to be excited about the future and your human, little one. My human says she is a very nice person, and they talk a lot, so she must know. But it will be a while before you get to her, and don't forget, you have to be on your best behavior when you do. You are of the new generation, you skin is darker than ours, and Nefer paints your faces beautifully these days - I can't wait to see your pictures! Your human likes taking pictures so I know she will have many of you. Maybe I ask my human to put it by my side on the shelf, so I can look at you when we talk... Tell me, how is it that you are all darker these days? Are you a chocolate egg or something?
I am not really old, but I feel like I am a very, very old egg... I think it is because when Nefer painted me, she gave me an old man's soul, so I could be a good company for the Angry Man. One like him, to cheer him up a little. It was a very kind thought, but she did not know nothing could cheer up his black heart... And now I am this way, and refuse to get any wig or girl's clothes, like some other eggs I saw. Well, my human understands me... But she is so silly sometimes! She has this idea, that every doll has to play a role in her story. Or, she has many stories! And for me, my role is to be a magician at a carnival. Circus, actually. So it's like back at the Farm: Circus Kane. Only we have a real show here, our very special act with outfits and everything. But I have never seen any outfit for me. I think my human knows I won't wear just anything, I need a real illusionist outfit - so she's working on it, and I have time to practice meanwhile. I already know a trick where I make my Doggie disappear. Do you have your Doggie? When I hatched, I got one right away, and he is still with me, my tiny little friend. If I get scared, I hug him and I feel better almost always, so I don't need the Turtle to help me hide.
It is too bad you have bad dreams. There's nothing to worry about, little one: your woman in Norway will love you, and it's all that matters. I would be ok too if the Angry Man liked me! Instead, I got to have a great adventure. Maybe that is why I like peace and quiet so much now. I promised to tell you the rest of my story - here it goes:
As you know already, the Angry Man sold me. The woman who bought me from him was not sure she liked dolls like us at all: I was her first one. She decided she wasn't going to love this old egg either, and even though i tried to talk to her, she couldn't hear. Do you know not everyone can hear us? We speak every language on earth, but very few can hear. If your human can, consider yourself lucky! Anyway, at the same time as she put me up for sale, my human was looking for her very own egg to have, and there were none to be found, because all my brothers and sisters went to their loving homes and nobody was about to leave them - except for me. So she bought me and off I went to Germany, across the ocean again. But from here on, it's a happy story.
And I only got a name when I first arrived here, so it's ok if you don't have one for a while. My name is Gregory, Greg to you. When I pronounce my name, it sounds like an angry roar, but I like it. It fits me.
If my old brain forgets, remind me to tell you about a big drama among other Nefer's dolls here! I think Iracebeth might be leaving. I will know more soon, then I will tell you all.
And now - pictures! Of me and my home. If they are too big, blame my stupid human :) And stay warm and safe!

Hello, Greg! I am so glad you gave me the short version. Like others new borns, names can be different. Et is more easy with just "mum and dag" . But as a doll, I odn´t even have a real mother.. Nefer makes me. But as an egg, it shuld have been a hen. Confusing, but I will learn you something today. Yes, the young lady have something to learn and older man. (I read it from Wikipedia:)
"Egg shell color is caused by pigment deposition during egg formation in the oviduct and can vary according to breed, from the more common white and brown to pink or speckled blue-green.
Although there is no significant link between shell color and nutritional value, there is often a cultural preference for one color over another. For example, in most regions of the United States, eggs are generally white; while in the northeast of that country and in the United Kingdom, eggs are generally light-brown. These habits may be associated with perceptions of greater purity in white-shelled eggs or greater wholesomeness in brown-shelled eggs."
I hope it does dissopoint you that I nefer will become a choclate if you breaks me. (Did you planned to break me?)
Since we are dolls, I also think it is something about the fashion and ideal this days. Many dolloiver want darker dolls, in tan and ebony (mayby you soo will see it in your wonderfull home too!) I kind of like it, that it is just not normal skin dolls ins these days. For what is normal skin? I think it is so wrong to say that whit with a little pink in is the only think thats normal. Look araound in the world! Open humans eyes! They soon have to learn that it is not one think that is normal. Everything, exept of green and blue and that kind of colors offcorse, but wvery skin color is normalon each person.
But again, we are dolls. And people like lighter coffee in this ddays. Like coppuchino. Fancy should it be. And Latte. Maybe that is we are not is black, maye they add us sugar too for holding us sweet. We can ask them at the Resincafé.
I am a little worry of my shell color because I think she chose that because I am dark in mind. But I hope I am not. And I hope I am bright enough to make some fun at the hospital. But first, today I am here at cirkus. I want to try trapes!
Your store ends very well. And your pictures makes me calm. And your womans words about the woman I am going to, warms me up. But I have to be carefull so I dont end up bowled before I get there. I hape to keep my head cool.
Now, it is a new day atfarm. Wonder if Nefer is going to touch me today. If it hurts, I will think it only is a big hug from German Greg.
hugs from Humpty-girl

My dear sweet Chcolate,
Don't worry, I will never break you. I understand very well now that there is no chocolate inside you. Thank you for that article, it was very interesting to read! I bet some of these things even my human did not know! But I like to call you Chocolate until you get your own name. Or Choco to keep it short... Because you are very sweet and kind, and your letters make me happy. Did you know that chocolate has something in it that causes humans to be happy? I did not know until right now. My human offered me some chocolate to cheer me up. Of course I'm a doll, so it did not work, and we thought of something else. I need something sweet, like you, to make me happy. So I write to you instead of eating chocolate :)
I need cheering up because Iracebeth is gone, and I liked her. And because I watched her get packed and prepared to go elsewhere, I started to panic. I worried that maybe this human sells me too, like the others before. I know she said she never would, but she sold Iracebeth! She says, however, that Iracebeth will go live with another great friend of Nefer's; that she might get a whole new look and even a new name. That here it was boring for her because no story to act in. I don't know, I think she will miss that big furry dragon she played with. But who am I too have an opinion - just a doll...
I like what you say about normal skin. I always wondered one thing: when I was at the Farm, I saw all the workers who took care of us were Asian, their skin was yellow. I hear from other dolls that places they come from are mostly in Asia: China, Korea, Japan... So how come the people who make us don't call their own skin color 'normal' and the lighter one something else? Like 'fair' or 'pale'? Because it's sure not normal to them! They must be doing it for the people who adopt us, but it still makes me sad. Like they put themselves down to please our future owners.
Amazing, all the things you make me think about. It makes my mind fresh and young again, I love that! There is a new doll in the house; I haven't met her yet but I know she is a little girl, like you. I hope I can talk to her like I talk to you, and hope she won't be scared of a talking egg. I hear she is quite tall, as a doll, even though she is just a child, so hopefully I look small and non-threatening to her.
Today, a big package came from Norway. So big that I could fit in it! I thought of your human straight away, and that maybe the package is somehow from her, but when it opened, a scary creature crawled out! I won't even attach the picture for you, although we took some pictures later - when we realized that he was actually playful and not mean at all. If you don't prepare, his look can be very frightening though, and I don't want to scare you. When you grow up and go live in Norway yourself, I will show him to you. He is one of those dolls that are not like us, they are not all resin and only come alive occasionally. He came from an artist in Norway and I think we will be friends, because his story is almost like mine: he was sold to someone who couldn't keep him and returned to the artist, and he was unwanted for a long time, until my human bought him. I think under his scary face, he is also worrying, like me, that maybe nobody wants him and they sell him again. Maybe we can be friends and he can write to you with me, sometimes, when he is awake. The other times, when he's just a toy, he will make a wonderful fuzzy blanket!
Do you get to talk to the the other eggs at the Farm? When I was growing up, we played all sorts of funny games together. The world was warm and sunny and safe, not scary at all. We knew nothing about the future, so we did not worry about it... So try trapeze and tightrope and swings! Circus Kane is the best place to be adventurous - you must know that no matter what you do, you won't break there.
I already wait for your next letter. Without Iracebeth, it's just the sisters - Aleah and Maheya - to talk to, and they are so busy with themselves, they avoid me and find me boring. That's ok; I'm glad they have each other! I have you, and maybe soon we have a new fuzzy friend, too.
Gentle hugs from German egg,

Greg, dont be groggy. or sad. Cause you just made mesmile, so you canuse me a a mirror, even I am a girl, and then maybe you see have great a smile is.
But, we can share hard thought too. But I just wanted you to know that you made me smile. I have to tell you something from the farm! It is an adventure here! Alice!A little grl named alice. And guess what? She think she is in wonderland like the real Alice was, and sometimeshe put on her self bunny ears. I think she is an easter bunny and that she makes easter eggs, so I play I am an easter egg.
And then maybe you find some chocolate in me. I Would be glad to share it with you. But, When that is said, I have to tell you something Nefer whispered to me when I talked about I could be your chocklate makyng you happy. It was that my woman in Norway does not can eat or smiles about chochlate. It is something about her sickness. That scaresme. How can I make her happy then?
I wish to have with me Alice. She feels so safe to travel with withall her imagination. ButNefer says she is for who thhats buy her, not for me. And an egg cant but anything. I got a little angry on nefer for saying I could not buy anything. Like I wasjust a thing costing money and no soul that could desirve other souls. Or friends. But then I got your letter and I could wright a little. I use to wright when I am happy and when I am sad. I think I am sad today. I feel like I am never onna be a fairytale. ALl fairytails ends happy for ever after. And I feel like I just end up like a trouble egg. Sometimes, I wish Nefer could write on me that my new woman should cook me for ten minutes, so I become a boiled egg she could eat. She could need that. But I know, my woman dont eat eggs either. And she would never ever eat a doll. Cause a doll is more than an human for her, and she is not a human eater. It is a fancy word for peoplethat eats people, but I dont remember the word. I hope that it is because they dont exist I dont remember. What do you think?
I think I should click on the send-button so I canput a company into your room when iresabeth is gone. I looked at the pic of her earlier today, and I think I miss her too. I miss the rose on her leg!

My little Choco,
I am not sad any more, because I have your letter to reply to! I am only a little angry because my human was so, so busy and couldn't type my letter for me. She was even surprised. She said she had never seen an impatient doll before :) Well, it is true. We are usually full of patience and just wait for humans to play with us when they have time. But I know you are waiting for my reply - and I have been made for an Angry Man, don't forget that ;) - so maybe my fuse is a little shorter.
I would love to see that little girl you talk about. I asked my human if an Alice is coming to live with us, but she said no. She said there is another doll Nefer is going to create, Monkey and her sister, and that we will have that one. But not Alice :( I'm sad because I would love to play with her too! Like she is an Easter bunny and I'm an egg! But maybe it's better this way. Maybe she's too active for me. I can't play all the time, I need time to think. I hope this Monkey girl isn't a troublemaker either. I don't know - is she a real monkey? I need to ask my human what is she. And if she can talk. And if her sister is a monkey too. I suppose she is, since they are sisters? If you see them at the farm, let me know!
I hope your human can get Alice, and maybe you can tell her 'hi' from me, and share pictures you two make together and stories you create. You were asking how you can make your human happy if she doesn't eat chocolate? Well, the same way you make me happy: by being your own bubbly self. Be her Easter egg, the one that is to decorate, not to eat. Be a ray of sunshine in her room, the thing of beauty in her life, and she will be happy. And don't ever worry if you can do it or not. Nefer has put in you a magical soul, so you could. You have everything in you to make that possible.
It is true that we dolls can't buy more dolls, but it is because our relationship and friendship should be with the human first. And they can buy dolls, but that is a good thing too: this way you know they want you, they paid for you, they look forward to see you. Was not so in my case... The first two times... But that is really a rare exception. Most dolls, especially Nefer's dolls, are loved by their owners from the first sight. So have no fear about that.
My human is very nervous now, I can feel that. So I need to finish my letter and let her go. She is waiting for her husband to have an important medical test tomorrow. I wish I could go with him and support him. I think I could even smile for him so he would see me when he wakes up from the test. I think even doctors would then laugh and smile. But men rarely play with dolls, and for that procedure, even humans are not allowed to come. Only the ones having it. Maybe I can come with my human then and sit with her while she worries.
If I come, that will be the first time I go outside since I came to live here! It will be a big adventure! I'll let you know how it goes.
Say 'hi' to Alice, Choco. And I send you a big hug,

My friend wrote once more since, but I will keep that letter for the next batch as it is easier for me to track even number of letters (complete q/a pairs).

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